Uneven Results When Varnishing — how to deal with a newly-varnished painting that appears both glossy and dull

Problem:  I applied two layers of Gamvar varnish 12 hours apart to my painting yesterday, applying thinly and working the varnish in – in accordance with the Gamvar guidelines. This morning I note that there are some areas of very high gloss and one small area that whilst not ‘matt’ is much less glossy than the overall mean. Is this variation of ‘reflection’ something to live with or should I apply more layers of varnish.

Probable Cause: 

If the dull patches are over parts of the painting that were painted using burnt umber in the mixtures, that’s probably the cause of the problem. Burnt umber is highly absorbent after it’s dry.  VE, 2018-03-30


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